Subscription Box Virgin Here

IMG_0263 2 Yes, you read the Title correctly… I’m a subscription box virgin. Some of you might be thinking “how does she not know about subscriptions?! That’s insane! Those are wonderful & so popular!” Well, up until a couple days ago, I’d never actually heard you could subscribe to boxes monthly with a sample of products based on your beauty needs (or whatever your preference might be for box types). I know they are quite popular, but are there any of you out there as new to this as I am? I decided I want to do product reviews also. Over the years, I never really wore much makeup… maybe just some mascara, eyeshadow, & a nice lip gloss or lipstick. I turned 30 a few months ago & have discovered that I should have been wearing moisterizer & possibly some cover up all these years. I also recently had my hair cut (shoulder length) & permed, so I need to find the perfect items to style my new hairdo. I really like the idea of getting these beauty boxes because it will allow me to experiment with different brands & discover items that I might not have heard about otherwise. Obviously I’ve heard about different popular brands, but sometimes it’s difficult to know which ones work best. I have currently signed up for FabFitFun, GlossyBox, Julep Maven, Ipsy, and a brand new beauty box subscription – Beauty DNA. I’m going to be posting videos of myself opening these boxes on my Youtube Channel, but I will post each of the items with a brief description of each on this blog. I will be posting about different boxes I have signed up for and giving reviews of my items after I’ve used them for a little while to see what might work for others. I hope you all really like this new adventure I’ve decided to embark upon. It will be exciting to say the least!! Maybe you all can give me some tips of what products to use and also let me know what your favorite subscription boxes are (as well as your least favorites). Friendly criticism is always welcome here! Let’s go on this “beauty journey” together!

Stay beautiful on the inside & out, Krista