It’s January: time for a new years resolution. how about my first detox / cleanse !?

The lovely stockings hung on the fireplace are all put away, the ornaments have been packed up, & the trees have returned to the forest (or the beautiful plastic trees are put away in the attic in our case – I’m allergic to Pine Trees). It’s “the most wonderful time of the year” yet again, but with that comes lots of sweets!!! Between the Halloween candy, Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas candy, & all those holiday parties, I know I am now ‘packing on a little holiday weight’ as Ross from Friends so lovingly called it. I began to feel rather disgusting the other day because I know that my body is filled with cookies, cakes, cupcakes, mashed potatoes, and so many other delicious foods, but I’m not feeling my best. “What to do in order to bring back some energy!?” <- you might ask. Well, I decided it was time to investigate to see what I could find in order to get these bad toxins out of my body and replenish them with nutrients. Do you have any idea how expensive these cleanses can be? The average price I found for a 3-day cleanse was about $400. I was shocked! I had no idea it would empty the wallet so quickly, but I had no idea what was involved in a cleanse before either. I decided to check out to see if I could find any good deals. I came across this nice 3-day cleanse costing $89 plus $28 shipping (for 1 person) OR a 3-day cleanse costing $169 plus $56 shipping (for 2 people). I convinced my mama it would be a great idea to try this with me, so we purchased the deal on groupon. I received a code in my email to redeem the code on the website for whichever cleanse I wanted to get. There are 3 types of cleanses offered, but since this is our very first cleanse we have ever done, we decided to do the Whenever Cleanse, which is recommended for first time cleanse adventurers. (I call it an adventure because it sounds more fun than detox)! ** Have you ever done a cleanse or detox? Please comment below & let me know what you’ve done & how it worked out for you ** Here is what is included in the Whenever Cleanse…


When you’re ready to take the plunge and do your first cleanse, we recommend starting out with the Whenever Cleanse. It’s a healthy balance of green and fruit juices, which help make a beginner’s foray into cleansing easier.

When ordering the cleanse, you get to decide what day you’d like the products to arrive. They don’t ship out on weekends, so Monday delivery isn’t possible. We went for a Tuesday delivery so that we can begin the cleanse/detox tomorrow, Wednesday, January 7. The 2 boxes contained all of the juice we needed. I’ll let you guys know how it goes & how each beverage tastes. Keep in mind that by doing this cleanse, it will make you feel more energetic (& I’m hoping for some weight loss because I’ll want to eat healthier once I’m all finished). Be sure to remain hydrated – that should be easy since you’re allowed to drink as much water as you would like during this cleanse. The say it’s even okay to do while working, which is great since I have to work the rest of this week. This should be interesting… stay tuned!

Remember to stay beautiful on the inside and out, my lovelies. You are amazing & loved by so many!

FYI: These views and opinions are completely my own. I purchased everything on my own with no outside influence.

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Just a quick reminder that this cleanse is organic: