Juice from the Raw – 3 Day cleanse


So, guess what? This cleanse is nothing anywhere near what I was expecting. The first advice I can give is that you must be sure to keep the drinks very cold. They are simply dreadful if they are warm or remotely close to room temperature. My second bit of advice is to forget entirely about that pinch of salt to add to the drinks. Don’t do it! If you add the salt to the drink, I guarantee you will immediately regret doing so. Drink them while they are still filled with ice because it will more than likely melt before you drank the entire thing.

There are a nice variety of drinks included in the cleanse and I guarantee your favorite will be different than someone else’s, but in the end it’ll be worth it. My mom’s favorites were green juices & mine was the lemonade. We both really liked the pineapple flavored one as well. Mom lost 3 lbs during the cleanse, while I’ve lost a pant size. I never thought I would do a cleanse before, and while I’ll probably never feel the desire to do one again (the flavors aren’t as appealing to me as I had hoped), at least now I’ve officially done a detox. One step closer to continuing this “healthy living” journey that will last a lifetime.

Verdict: If you have ever wanted to do a cleanse, this one is definitely worth trying. You’ll feel so much better after you’re all finished. “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”… momentary gain doesn’t equal long-term results.

How you feel about yourself means more than what others think of you!

Time to go work out…

Stay beautiful on the inside and out, my lovelies!