Happy New Year!!!

A decade has come & gone. In 2010 I had just started my internship at Walt Disney World, leaving behind friends & family in NJ (again, since I had left them in 2005 to go to UNCW) to make so many new friends who became family in FL. 2020 is here and after all these years I’m back in FL. A lot of memories, both good and bad, in between. It’s been quite a learning experience, especially since I tend to learn everything the hard way, but we press on in hopes of a better tomorrow filled with love, light, and happiness. I have so many goals to accomplish in 2020… write more regularly on the blog, post YouTube videos at least 3x per week, work out 30-60 minutes every single day, become debt free, trust in God more, & be a better friend/sister/cousin/aunt/daughter. I’m really excited to get started with all of these new adventures right now!

🥳 Happy New Year 🥳 🎆 God bless!